Discover the Secrets to Pain-Free Living and Joint Strength with Total BodyFix Therapy. In a world where chronic pain and poor posture are on the rise, it's crucial to follow the right path to healing. Say goodbye to pain and hello to a healthier, injury-free body with Total BodyFix Therapy

Move Smarter - Look Better - Live Pain Free!

BodyFixByAdam gives symmetry and muscular balance to people enabling them to move smarter, look better, and feel less pain on a general basis.

My main objective is to give you the possibility to exercise routinely without impeding yourself whilst getting stronger in the process! I will give you the mobility and strength with the correcting posture advice to avoid injuries while living your life pain free!

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In this program I will show you the most common postural imbalances in modern culture. Usually, the main problem is with bad posture or joint pain. As well my insight here, you will learn how to fix many issues FOR GOOD. Plenty of updated knowledge based on my education and work experience! Plus! If you sign up now, you will get my personal email address where you can ask me any and all mobility training questions.



Success Stories

Success Rehab Story For Shoulder and Neck Pain I In just 12 sessions of BodyFix, he is pain free!

Chan came into BodyFixByAdam with chronic neck and shoulder pain which was limitating him from his work and social life. He had been suffering with severe neck pain for over two years. Also, coupled with shoulder pain in his right shoulder, it forced him to start physiotherapy. This gave him temporary release but it didn’t work. Chan was visiting many specialists in Dubai and was diagnosed with frozen shoulder and chronic neck pain. He was not able to find any solution for his problem. This only got worse for Chan, one year ago the pain was so intense that he had to stop completely any activity. Since that intense pain, nothing worked for him; physiotherapy, pain killers, anti-inflamatories. The pain increased so much that he suffered constantly and he couldn’t sleep. Then, he came across BodyFix half a year ago with this intense pain. He couldn’t function properly, any movement with his neck and right shoulder caused pain. In just 12 sessions of BodyFix, he is pain free! Able to move with ZERO pain. Punching and throwing, he has recovered with full range of motion! Doing this, while gaining a good base of mobility, strength! He is now in the best shape in his entire life! Big Things Are Coming Watch Closely!


Change can only go two of ways. You can change for the better or for the worse. Make changing for the better easier with BODYFIXBYADAM. When you understand your body on a fundamental level, making improvements becomes interesting and fun. Instead of being a chore. The dramatic improvement Jaber came in with scoliosis, chronic lower back, thoracic, and neck pain. His hip and ankle also had poor mobility and limitations in the movement which was generating even more pressure over time. With smart BodyFix approach we moved forward initially by solving all issues by increasing mobility, correcting posture and imbalances and after, building strength and stability through corrective posture exercises reaching top athletic performance by any measure, with incredible overhead squat mobility. If you want a more detailed plan to improve your mobility and unlock your body, click the link below to get the MobilityFirst program! My proven 10 Week Online Course – Total BodyFix For Bad Posture can be done completely at home!

Better Movement For LifeTime of Golf! - Rehab Story

I’ve been visitning many spine specialist and physiotherapist but no one was able to help me with my chronic low back pain. After doing bodyfix for over 2 weeks finally I enjoy playing glof pain free with better quality of movement and performance. First time I win my golf competition thanks to work with BodyFixByAdam!

Golf is a favorite sport and pastime among many. However, the torque and force applied across the lower back pain creates a significant risk for developing or worsening lower back pain. People who suffer from chronic or recurrent episodes of low back pain can be frustrated because the pain hinders their ability to play golf.