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What Makes BodyFix Unique From the Rest In Fitness Industry

Due to the bad habits of the modern “sitting” lifestyle, there is a detrimental impact on our HEALTH and POSTURE. Because of this, you see a huge range of problems arising. Such as, kyphosis, scoliosis, sciatica, low back pain, CORE weakness and misalignment all the way to simple neck and shoulder discomfort. So, it’s very important to know that before starting your fitness journey, you have proper instruction and guidance.

The purpose in getting a personal trainer is to gain long term progress with your health, athletic development, and better quality movement with a pain free body. However It pains me to see many fitness coaches focusing on short term transformation, not looking at the long term, not correcting movement imbalances and fixing pain issues or movement dysfunctions. This lack of care results in short term results that don’t last. Worst of all, the pain they feel will only get worse.

The most precious thing is to see your client happy enjoying traning again, maintaining good health and having a pain free body. If you are someone who keep trying to lose weight no matter what pain or movement limitations you have you should stop right now …On this road, you may reach your goal, temporarily, till you reach the point your body tells you: that’s enough. At this point, injuries, fatigue, motivation loss, and even breakages happen. It’s unsustainable. Shortcuts will never help you in the long run.

Only intelligently focusing on important aspects of fitness, such as, building a strong body for performance or simply living a long, healthy, pain free life, will reap the lasting benefits.

This is why BodyFixByAdam came along!

Results Of My BodyFix Therapy


Where Is The Best Place To Start?

BODYFIXBYADAM is a training system desgined for everyone. I suggest that you start with MY 10 WEEK ONLINE COURSE – TOTAL BODY FIX FOR BAD POSTURE. This course will guide you through 10 weeks worth of content. Each week unlocks after the previous week has been completed to ensure you don’t skip steps and can effectively apply the techniques as much as you can. 


I HAVE TRACK record of fixing thousands of peoples pain, and I can fix yours too. And WITH MY PROGRAM I will make you more athletic at the same time.

1. INDENTIFY IMBALANCES (Posture Assessment and Neuro-Mascular Control Test)

The reason you feel pain in the body is because of imbalance. Muscles get tight and joints get achy because the body is out of balance. The first step to addressing joint discomfort is knowing what’s wrong to begin with. We make seeing this a straight forward process.


The next step is to use myofascial release to hydrate muscles. By hydrating the tissues, they become better primed to shorten as well as not being so stiff. This is what will start to create balance in the body, and will have a profound impact when it comes to fixing your pain.


After finding more balance with your body, we then need to make it stick. We do this by making sure the muscles fire right. By repositioning the body better, it will make muscles fire like a chain of stability for your joints. This is what will keep you pain free and moving effortlessly for good.


The final stage is to create strength and move better. When you dial in the BODYFIX principles you not only get rid of pain, but you’ll keep it away for good. The best part is that we make the transition of being pain free and moving great an easy process.