Meet Your Coaches

Meet Your Coach Adam

Medical Trainer / Rehab & Mobility Expert

Certified Medical Trainer / Advanced Exercise for Health Specialist EQF Level 6 EREPS / Human Biomechanics Specialist and IFAA Personal Trainer. Graduated from University of Physical Education and Sport in Gdansk, Poland. Practitioner Of Fitness at the Collage of Sport and Fitness in Sydney – Work&Study Australia. Member of the Student Internship Program Work&Travel USA. 10 years of experience working as Personal Trainer / Rehab & Mobility Coach for International Companies in USA, Europe, Australia, Bahamas. Since 01.06.2020 I have been helping people to reach their goals to live and move pain free as Medical Trainer and Rehab Specialist in Dubai for my own company BodyFixByAdam. Practitioner of Swimming, Weight Lifting, Gymnastic, Martial Arts and Mobility. Enthusiastic Of Active Lifestyle. Big Passionate of Spot and Rehab.

In my work as Medical Trainer I combine two of my passion – training and healing people – which are the key for strength and pain free body! This unique combination allowed me to create my own working methods, where I successfully help many people to return to good shape and vitality by correcting posture/muscle imbalances/body alignment/taking people out of pain and changing people life’s through biomechanical intervention. My main objective is to give you the possibility to exercise routinely without impeding yourself whilst getting stronger in the process! I will give you the mobility and strength with the correcting posture advice to avoid injuries while living your life pain free!.

Meet Your Coach Genesis

Dietitian- M.Sc Clinic PNI
Professional Dancer / Mobility Coach

From a young age, my passion for movement and physical activity led me to embark on a journey in the world of dance. Starting at the age of 10, I trained as a comprehensive dancer with a focus on Latin rhythms in my home country, Venezuela. Over the years, I discovered the profound joy of not just moving feet but teaching that dance is a holistic experience. At 16, I became a dance teacher, guiding individuals of all ages to move harmoniously, understand their bodies through music, and overcome psychosomatic restrictions that often limit more than we realize.

My desire to help and learn extended beyond dance. Seeking to offer my insights from a different perspective, I officially earned a degree in Dietetics and Nutrition in Madrid, Spain. During my second year of the degree, I recognized the need to delve deeper into human physiology for a comprehensive approach. This realization led me to Clinical Psychoneuroimmunoendocrinology, a master’s program I completed in 2021 in Madrid. Little did I know how profoundly it would transform not only my life but also the lives of those I would later assist, regardless of their location worldwide.

Simultaneously pursuing clinical expertise, I maintained a focus on advancing my knowledge in movement. Coordinating at a rehabilitation center, heading the integrative nutrition department in Madrid, I attended to patients while exploring an innovative and impactful technique known as “MAT” (Muscle Activation Technique). This journey allowed me to integrate various tools into my therapeutic approach, emerging as a Mobility Coach and dancer.

My professional journey began in Venezuela and expanded as my expertise grew. I’ve had the pleasure of educating, healing, and connecting with diverse individuals worldwide, both online and in-person. From Latin America (Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Argentina) to Europe (Spain, Germany, Italy), and now, I embark on an exciting new chapter in Dubai.